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Keep your backyard oasis as beautiful as the day it was first installed with our pool tile repair in Wayzata. We also offer pool tile cleaning to keep every inch of your pool sparkling. Andy Brown Pool Service has served local pool owners for more than 50 years. With certified, professional pool technicians, we provide high-quality services from installations to repairing pool tile. Get started on your tile repair project today by scheduling pool tile cleaning or repair services from us. We'll begin with a free estimate so we can properly map out the costs and details of the work we do. Our experience in the industry equips us to handle all the details of any pool tile issues, whether you have extensive cracks, stains, or dirt buildup.

Pool Tile Cleaning for a Beautiful Backyard

Unsightly, dirty grout lines or stains on your tiles distract from the beauty of your pool. Restore your backyard's main feature to its former level of charm with our pool tile cleaning services. While we're proud to stock everything you need to perform routine tile maintenance, our services eliminate serious tile problems.

From algae and mold to calcium deposits and hard water stains, a variety of eyesores develop on your tiles if left untreated. We offer various methods to handle any problem your tile has developed. Our professionals test and trust these proven pool tile-cleaning methods to ensure your tiles will be restored without causing damage to them or the surrounding pool structure.

Hot Tub at a Pool

Repairing Pool Tile for More than 50 Years

As in-ground swimming pools become older, pool owners should pay attention to the alignment and condition of their pool tiles. The ground around the pool settles as time goes by. No matter how perfectly a pool may have been installed, the shifting ground affects pool's walls and beams. This causes strain throughout the structure, creating cracks in the walls and in the mortar holding the tiles. The mortar may not crack but simply loosen, causing your tiles to fall. When any of these issues affect your pool, contact us for efficient, effective pool tile repair.

Contact us to learn more about our pool tile repair. We proudly serve customers throughout Wayzata, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, and the surrounding areas.